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Would you like to receive the gift of speaking in tongues ....
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In This Short Video Series I'll Teach You How To Quickly And Easily Receive The Gift Of Speaking In Tongues Right Where You Are Sitting, In Front Of Your Own Computer!

Hi, My name is Peter. In this short video series, I will teach you a tried and true method for receiving the gift of speaking in tongues! I know there are a lot of confusing teachings out there, and you may be a little frustrated with all the conflicting information, but let me assure you that this gift is for today and from God.

Do You Desire To Receive This Gift Of Speaking In Tongues? I'll Teach You In This Short Video Series, A Simple But Effective Method That Has Worked For Thousands Why Not You?

If You Are Ready, Select The Video Below And Let The Adventure Begin!

Yes_These Video Teachings Will Help You Learn How To Receive the Gift of Tongues at Last With Ease!

1_ Introduction [3:14]
2_ God Has Given Us His Holy Spirit [4:44]
3_ When Did God Give Us The Gift Of Holy Spirit? [3:56]
4_ The Manifestation Of Holy Spirit [4:47]
5_Two Uses Of The Word Tongue In The Bible [6:26]
6_A Simple Definition Of Speaking In Tongues [8:13]
7_ What Is The Spirit Saying When We Speak In Tongues? [6:21]
8_ What You Must Do To Receive This Gift [2:25]
9_ You Receive The Gift Of Tongues [8:27]
10_ Teach To Others [7:15]

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